International Students faced Jobs Issues

Why International Students faced Jobs Issues in Foreign Countries?

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Now a days many students around the globe have dreams to settle down in foreign countries and make their future bright. That’s why they apply for student visa or other category visa in order to take a new turn in their life. But mostly students typically have no idea about the lifestyle in foreign countries. The main reason behind is due to the misguidance of many consultants. Meanwhile, for students they must get sponsorship visa in order to stay further in foreign countries. But many students face a lot of issues and they are unable to get this visa properly due to lack of competition. Here, I would like to describe why international students faced jobs issues in foreign countries and how to move accordingly.

Reasons behind those issues

  • In Foreign countries there is a lot of rules and regulations for the hiring of international students. Every firm or industry try to approve those candidates who have huge grip in field and reliable for their company. Due to this they have certain rules and regulations which fits and same for all candidate.
  • Meanwhile, according to survey it concludes that there is shortage of experience in international students. Specially those who belongs to Pakistan they have no such type of experience in that particular field as compared to students those who came here for other countries. They failed every time.
  • Another thing is that they certain have no knowledge how to prepare for interview and how to represent themselves.
  • They even have shortage knowledge about that particular field. Those students have lack of confidence issues as well. They certainly collapse at the crucial stage and due to that kind of sudden interruption they are unable to quality for the job.
  • Moreover, Competition among the students is at peak level which is difficult path and mostly students collapse as well due to unbearable of pressure on their mind and they failed again and again.

How to overcome those Issues and how to react in that stage?

  • According to the survey and report students must know all things before choosing their particular degree for higher Education. They must clear about their vision so they can gain knowledge and get experience so they will pass all the difficult conditions easily.
  • Moreover, they must understand the basic aim of the job and they must prepare themselves according to the requirements of job. Before Interview they must make some questions and practice accordingly so they are able to build up their confidence is at peak level.
  • First take a grip on their confidence level and slightly and slowly react according to the questions asked by the panel. Be confident in every stage and understand their questions properly and give appropriate answers of their particular questions. Don’t try to over smart in front of them.
  • The most common thing faced by students is experience issue. Students who came from Indian or other countries have a lot of experience as compared to those students who came from other Asian countries. Special students belong to Pakistan must build up their experience before taking admission in foreign countries. Once students have skills and lack of experience then it might be easy for them to get job and pass accordingly in every condition.

How to avoid from those people who spread fake rumors?

It is very tough for international students to continue their journey in foreign countries. At that difficult time era they met with many people who belongs to their countries but they try to misguide them something like that why you came here we did not get job so how will you get it etc. So don’t try to take stress due to those losers. Just keep calm focus on the goals and move accordingly. In foreign countries there is a lot of efforts in order to build up their career. It is a best thing for all that just stay away from those people who misguides and discourage. This helps students to give the best for their goals and they will get good job at the end.


From the above discussion and overview of some important discussion, it is pretty tough for international students to get job in foreign countries. But nothing is impossible. Students must be focused on all the points which are described above which help themselves to achieve and maintain their goals and they will get their job in their particular field accordingly.

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