X-ray technology

What is X-ray technology? Discuss its working and benefits

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X-ray technology is a type or form of electromagnetic radiations which is same as visible light. Due to high energy capacity, it has ability to pass any objects also pass from human body. As many fields if I would like to talk about the medical field then X- Rays are used to make a clear picture of the tissues and the human body structure.  Meanwhile, I would like to expand this topic in detail and will explore how it is beneficial for the people or in the field of medical science. Here are the topics which I will describe briefly in the form of table of contents. Following are:

Table of Contents

How X-ray Technology Works?

X-ray Source:

Patient Exposure Process:

Image Formation Process:

Benefits in the Medical Field:

Diagnostic Imaging:


Speed and Convenience:

Guidance for Procedures

Monitoring Treatment




Here, I would like to describe the working and benefits of X- rays technology.

How X-ray Technology Works?

1.X-ray Source:

X-Rays appear by the machine, when the process of bombardment of metal target with the efficiency of high electrons happened. Due to this process the beam of X- Rays generates.

    2.Patient Exposure Process:

    During the process of patient exposure, at first doctors told the patient to adopt the position between the detector and X- Ray source. When body is positioned properly, then the process starts, and the radiations of X- Rays enter and pass through the body, then different tissues absorb the radiations according to the density. Moreover, those tissues have softer generates or appear the dark on the X- Ray image. On the other hand, bones dense area absorbs the radiations in large amount and it generates or appear the white image on the X- Ray image.

    3.Image Formation Process:

    The process of image formation is simple. When the X- Rays pass through the body then it creates the image in the form of shadow which appear on the detector. After this process image is captured properly and then it is clearly visible on the film or computer for further process.

    There are many benefits of X-Rays in the medical field. Following benefits, I would like to describe below:

    Benefits in the Medical Field:

    1.Diagnostic Imaging:

    X-Rays have ability to capture the structure of human body by diagnosing in various medical conditions. In medical field, there is a certain use for the visualization of fracture bones, detecting the area of tumors, process of abnormalities, soft tissues area or other process and make the clear image of it.


      X-rays are only used for the diagnosis or initial screening purposes. It considers as non-invasive means it is not use for the surgery or other procedures.

      3.Speed and Convenience:

       The process of X- Rays is very fast and happen in convenient and reliable way according to the patient time or condition. Due to its fast working, it considers as one of the fast tools, and efficient tool for the detection of many issues related to medical field.

      4.Guidance for Procedures:

      The technology of X-Rays is basically used for the guidance of medical procedures in easy and efficient way. Here, I would like to describe it with an example.

      For Example

      In Fluoroscope, the involvement of real time X-ray in it, which helps to guide the placement of catheters, many medical instruments or needles specially the time of procedures.

      5.Monitoring Treatment:

      Another useful benefit is, X-rays also have ability to use to detect or carefully monitor the treatment progress. Likewise in the process of healing, it helps to track the reduction of fracture.


      In healthcare section, the technology of X-Rays is cost effective as compared to the techniques of other imaging process.


      From the above discussion and ideas, I would like to conclude that, the use of X- Rays in the field of medical science is important, useful, cost effective, reliable and accurate. Moreover, it has ability to detect the problem inside the body in the shape of tumors, fractures or anything and ability to generates the clear picture on the detector and then doctor can able to click it and see on the computer. Due to this doctor are able to judge and treat properly in less time. Meanwhile, MRI and ultrasound may also be preferred in medical field according to condition requirements.


      Here are the frequently asked questions by the users about X- Rays technology. Following are:

      How technology helps to improve the X-Rays process?

      According to the research, it observes that due to the transition of film based to digital radiography technology of X- Rays performs more well. The process of digital X- Rays is very fast, have ability to deliver clear images and also image store electronically.

      In how much time X- Rays process finish?

      The process of X- Rays is complete in just few seconds. In radiography it takes some time and, in this patient, need to change position.

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