self-confidence for success

Importance of self-confidence for success

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Every person has dreams to be a successful in life. They try to do something new which will impact and spread positively in the society and world. But many people having different issues due to this they are unable to respond or handle the situation accordingly and loss their temper. It is a key factor for successful life that people must have believe on themselves. They must accept they can do whatever they want in their life. Either what ever situation will appear in their path they will never loose hope and they will successful cross all the hurdles. Here, I would love to discuss the trending and most demanding topic around the globe like importance of self-confidence for success and also discuss its benefits and impacts on human life.

Importance of Self-Confidence

importance of self-confidence

For every startup first point is confidence if a person is struggling or they have some doubts either they will do or not, then in that case people can’t perform well and they will lose their confidence due to negative thoughts and fear. I would like to describe it by an example:

For Example

During the presentation in university, students might believe on them they can perform well and impress the audience. Meanwhile, the most common problems facing by many students is fear of people either they will impress them or not, or in case if they will say something wrong then audience will laugh on them. This reduce their confidence and due to this fear, they are unable to perform well and always dwell in those troubles.

Self-confidence is a crucial part of achievement. Without it no body can achieve success in their life. The world is full of obstacles and hurdles. People met with many people and in order to face all things people must say all things confidently so each word impacts something on people mind. This habit significantly changes their life and due to this they are able to achieve anything in their life.

How to maintain Self-confidence?

In many cases I have seen people who are discussing that they have confidence issue they have a lot of knowledge but they afraid if they will say something wrong people make jokes on them and react badly.

I learned one thing from life always assume that all people are equal and people must say all things with confidently. Don’t lose hope and achieve all goals by believing themselves. World is full of cruel people. People always feel jealous because of other people success and many people misguides others due to their jealousy level. I learnt if a person has knowledge and skills then they can easily maintain their life. They faced many hurdles in their life but with self-confidence they achieve all paths. Meanwhile, never think what others are thinking and saying just focus on goals and move accordingly. People must think they are only answerable in front of them not others. They are responsible their decisions and acts when they put this thing in their mind. At this stage either the problem is too big and unable to solve they will cross and finish that problem with keen interest and confidence. I would love to give one example which happened in my life and share it with people so those who are facing these issues they might be able to get useful information.

For Example

During my higher studies in UK one of my cousins told me come and start living with them in Nelson. If you are earning from online business then why are you living in London come and live here, we both will open company and work together. That one is one of my worse decisions I left that place and came in Nelson. When I arrived in Nelson and I did business conversation with him. He typically changed his mind and start making lame excuses. I knew everything because I have six years’ experience in business but I did not say any thing and listen all the points at every stage. I observed after passing few days he changed his mind and told me this is not a right job for you at this stage you must find job like odd job so you can start earning and fulfill your expenditures. Literally at early time I totally lost my confidence and I just prayed one thing at that time just one thing will happen I will able to maintain my work. I took a break and stop to contact with all and focus on my own goal. I focused on my activities my words and thought how he did with me where was my mistake. I realized one thing from this scenario those who are not able to do any thing they are just making lame excuses and they want that no one cross them in every stage. I built up my confidence and left to do work with him. I made my own two sites and start earning through it work harder and harder and believe on myself that I am able to do it and will perform and make one industry which will change the way of business platform. Literally I start work after his site and I got best results through my work. It made my experience and confidence was at peak level and I consider only one thing in my life always do things which you thought it will be helpful and beneficial for you because you are responsible for your life no body cares when you are in trouble and at that time, they start making only lame excuses.


From above discussion and overview, I conclude that self-confidence is a key factor to be a successful life. Don’t focus what people are saying and doing just believe on yourself and never change your path at the end you will be successful. I hope my examples and explanation will be useful for all readers and people who are struggling with these issues.

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