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Future predictions of fashion trends in 2025

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When I watch runway shows during Fashion Week. I always have a piece of paper and pencil handy to take notes watching the runways. In my opinion, the best way to predict future celebrity fashion trends. If you watch multiple fashion shows you might notice recurring details amongst the different clothing lines. This likely indicates that these are the details that might Inspire celebrities in the upcoming Seasons as Trends trickle down from the fashion industry to celebrities to Consumers. My predictions are that the near future of fashion looks like a more contemporary Twist on the Y2K Style with the inclusion of butterflies sequins and everything hot pink. It caters to our nostalgic love for these trends but there’s an added layer of Elegance that certainly did not come out of the early 2000s. Gothic looks are on the forecast as well with lots of lace and deep red shades for the fashionistas who aren’t a big fan of Mattel Barbie pink. Buckle up because these nine trends that we expect to see at the end of 2023 at the start of 2025 might surprise you. Seriously I’m still not over the return of Bermuda shorts. Here I would like to discuss the future predictions of fashion trends in 2025.

1. Butterflies

Butterflies symbolize hope or rebirth due to the many life cycles that the creatures experience. This may be one of the reasons that we’re seeing a Resurgence of the motif. The faster Pace that social media has brought us regarding fashion trends coupled with a healthy dose of nostalgia has caused Trends to come back in style much faster. While some are already nostalgic for the 2014 Tumbler style. A Y2K comeback has been in full swing. Several early 2000s trends are sneaking their way back in and onto our 2023-2025 fashion predictions list. 

The late Alexander McQueen’s runways are known to often include butterflies as a symbol and that tradition lived on during the 2023-2025 Paris Fashion Week show earlier. This year Dua Lipa has given us several iconic butterfly looks stating that the creature holds a lot of symbolic meaning for her. At the 2021 Grammys, she’s stunned in a butterfly Versace dress which may have possibly been inspired by a gorgeous dress worn by Naomi Campbell in 1999 by the same designer. Dua Lipa and Donatella Versace co-designed a new collection that hit the runway this spring called Lava Kansa which included several butterfly-inspired pieces.

2. Barbie pink

The Lavacanza Collection co-designed by Dua Lipa and Donatella Versace also caught our attention with the bright pink pops of pink and blue. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is set to be released this July and we can expect to see Barbie Core become a popular fashion trend. As the highly anticipated movie is marketed people are soaking up all of the hot pink looks worn by Margot Robbie designed by Oscar winner Jacqueline Duran. Barbie has been a fashion icon since 1959 when the doll was first released and we predicted that following the release of the movie this fun form of self-expression would continue to take off.

 Emma Chamberlain embraced the trend on the cover of Vogue Australia wearing Valentino in their signature pink hue. saw wore the same gorgeous Ensemble to the Grammys. Rizzo looked amazing in the hot pink shade at the premiere of her TV show Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Girls.

3. Sequin dresses

Does anyone else miss the big sequin purses of the early 2000s just me? If you’re thinking about them longingly too don’t fret the channel cruise 2023-2025 fashion show started strong with all of the glittery things. Look number six stole my heart and I knew it marked something we all needed the return of the sequined dress. I came back in full force. The 2023 Oscars red carpet was blessed with several sequin dresses.

 Elizabeth Olsen wore a black floral length given G gown covered in sequins which looked incredible with red lipstick.

 Nicole Kidman rocked the black sequence dress look as well sleeveless on one side and embellished with a rose covered in sequins at the shoulder and hip. Seeing so many gorgeous glittery gowns on the red carpet gave me hope for sequence future we predict that they will be sticking around for a while.

4. Femme Fatale 

Femme Fatale means fatal woman. She is elegant seductive and independent. She knows who she is and what she wants and she goes after it relentlessly. The best accessory to a woman with a bold personality is a wardrobe to match so it makes sense that this beauty aesthetic That Grew wildly popular on Tick Tock would trickle its way into the Fashion World. While your first thought may be the little black dress. We predict that deep red shades will dominate. From leather to Silk this shade can make an outfit look powerful and classy. Lace is a great complement to the style as well. Many of the beautiful pieces displayed at Alexander McQueen’s fall winter 2023-2025 show are sure to inspire celebrities to go for the man-eater look shortly. The Dior Cruise 2024 show also included intimidatingly beautiful pieces which is what a femme fatale is at its core. Wednesday star Jenna Ortega fully Embraces this goth Glam fashion style and she’s most often seen in all things black lace and leather. 

5. Long dresses wild belts 

This trend much like the butterflies in sequence is straight out of the early 2000s. you can’t talk about this trend without paying tribute to Paris Hilton. The influencer who walked so the rest could run once said skirts should be the size of a belt.

Paris Hilton’s name is almost synonymous with the Y2K aesthetic and she’s one of the trendsetters who Define that era of fashion. 

We’re now seeing a huge resurgence. While belts over dresses can be a sort of controversial fashion statement the Dior Cruise 2025 show sold a lot of us on the concept. The show featured long lacy dresses that were paired with statement belts cinching the waist and adding an extra layer to make it pop. This collection takes Femme Patel and Y2K and meshes them together in an elegant way with gold butterflies Incorporated throughout the pieces. Shailene Woodley has rocked a few looks featuring a long dress and a wide belt and we predict that other celebrities will begin hopping on this trend as well. 

6. Bermuda shorts 

When I watched the Gucci Cruise 2023-2025 fashion show I audibly gasped when I saw a trend I hadn’t seen in many many years that’s right Bermuda shorts. I had to shoot my mom a text and tell her the news the Bermuda shorts debate was an ongoing thing in my teenage years. She preferred the knee-length denim shorts and I thought having to wear them was the worst thing in the world. Well, it seemed like a punishment at a time when short shorts with a big Trend. I would like to go back in time and show my former self how fashionable they could be more formal than the athletic biker shorts these longer hem shorts are going to take over this summer. Moms of teenage girls everywhere Will Rejoice to know that they have a new talking point for their Bermuda shorts. Arsenal as both Bella and Gigi Hadid sport them and look amazing doing it. The Hadid sisters aren’t the only celebrities embracing this trend Gwyneth Paltrow Incorporated them into a relaxed casual look. Tsuki Waterhouse also made another strong selling point in favor of Bermuda shorts when she wore a distressed pair in white combined with shimmery hot pink boots that nearly met the end of the shorts at the knee. The Barbie Core Bermuda short crossover is pretty iconic if you ask me. 

7. Bold Patterns 

Circling back to the lavacanza line by Versace and Dua Lipa because I just can’t get over it. Checking many of our 2025 Celebrity Fashion prediction boxes this line not only incorporates butterflies Barbie core and gorgeous sequin dresses but also some very bold patterns. Reality star Lisa Runa wore a very fashion-forward Ensemble to Paris Fashion Week 2023. That featured a bold floral skirt with a matching oversized Blazer she completed the look with chunky black combat boots and a pair of thick-brimmed sunglasses. Fam bing bing attended the Khan film festival wearing a custom strapless ball gown designed by Christopher boo. The Scout paid tribute to her culture with a bold print that featured tigers and leaves which symbolized strength and bravery in China.

8. Office Core 

During quarantine, we spent a lot of time at home in our pajamas now that we’ve returned to normalcy people are reclaiming their wardrobes. We predict that Office Corps will grow in popularity as people have fully returned to their offices and are ready to get back to it dressed fashionably of course. However, this time around office attire is much more relaxed and comfort is more prioritized than it had been before. During Fashion Week we saw many neckties and oversized Blazers indicating that this look will be hot for the fall and winter of 2023-2025.

 Haley Bieber is the queen of this type of fashion. A fashion staple that is regularly Incorporated into her street-style looks. The XXL variety has been a huge hit with celebrities lately. Margot Robbie styled a massive blazer with a pair of baggy jeans the fit of both pieces complementing each other well.

9. Tartan 

Once I got over obsessing over the sequin dresses featured in the Chanel Cruise 2023-2025 collection. I noticed something else I was seeing a lot of tartan pieces and of the pastel color variety. Again with the Y2K Vibes reminiscent of iconic looks from the classic 2000s movies Mean Girls and Clueless. Tartan skirts were spotted in Ariana Grande’s Thank You Next music video which scratched the nostalgic itch for a lot of us.

Giovanna Battaglia stunned in a pale yellow two-piece Tartan ensemble Rihanna looked casual but fashionable in a Tartan trench coat and matching ball cap. While Tartan is normally a fall and winter stable the runways predict that we will be seeing Tartan in the summer. This year it appeared in lighter Shades than the typical shades of beige maroon and Navy.

10. Statement Jewelry 

Statement jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. Large pieces of jewelry that make a statement. The Alexander McQueen 2023-2025 fall-winter show Incorporated large pieces of gold statement earrings as well as large butterfly necklaces. These pieces took over the Dior Cruise 2024 Runway. As well at the 2023 Grammy Awards Taylor Swift wore large Diamond statement earrings from Lorraine

Schwartz that evening she was wearing three million dollars worth of jewelry and those earrings helped including 136 carats of purple sapphires. Zendaya wore a beautiful necklace from Bulgari to the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards full of diamonds and gemstones such as Morganite and aquamarines. At the beginning of 2023, many fashion enthusiasts noticed that celebrities weren’t wearing necklaces. This was attributed to the general public experiencing Hard Times causing High Society members to tone down the flashiness. Some even suggested that celebrities were foregoing the necklace to avoid backlash from the public for Mindless consumption. Following what is referred to as the death of the necklace.


 I predict that they will come back in full swing as I may note these Trends showcased in many 2023-2025. Runway shows I ask myself what other 2000s. Trends are sure to be rediscovered soon vests trucker hats listen I’m a lover of this particular style myself but please I beg anything but the genes under the skirt trend I can cope with the Bermuda shorts but I think that’s as far as the threshold can be pushed which of these Trends are your favorite. Do you have any 2025 fashion predictions share your thoughts in the comments.

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