Best Face Swap Apps for Android in 2024

Best Face Swap Apps for Android in 2024

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These days everyone is editing videos and photos on their phone and now it has become a trend. They use different apps to edit or change the photos or videos. You have the option to do it by using different apps. There are certain common and trending apps where you can make changes according to your desire. One of the famous apps is the face swap app. By using this app, you can change your face with anyone in the picture. It is up to you whether you change it with any gender, celebrity, or friend. You can feel good and amazing by using this app and makes your day full of joy. You must check and focus clearly on whether your images are visible, clear, and accurate before the selection of any swap face app. Moreover, if you are unable to see your picture then the results display will not be perfect. Here is the list of best face swap apps for Android in 2024 for those who like to edit their photos or videos.

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List of Best Face Swap Apps for Android

  • Snapchat App
  • Face Swap Live App
  • Mix Booth App
  • Face App – Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App Overview
  • Cup ace App
  • Face Swap – Photo Face Swap App
  • Face Swap Booth App
  • Reface App
  • B612 App
  • Banuba App
  • Conclusion

List of Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Here is the list of the best face swap apps for Android. You can make fun by starting it by capturing a picture of your favorite celebrity and then you can adjust your face here and start fun. You don’t need to take any tension regarding money because most apps are free of cost.

1-Snapchat App

In the world of entertainment, Snapchat is a famous app due to its flexible and reliable use. Millions of users daily are using snapshots and make stories, snaps, videos, and pictures. Because it provides multiple options of images and videos for your fun and interest. An interesting fact is it also allows an option to swap faces so you can do it easily. When you are taking your pictures or making a video, you just need to place your figure on the screen and then multiple face options appear in front of you.
Moreover, it has several other useful features. Like the face filters feature. In the worst scenario if you are unable to find the option of face swap in camera then no need to be panic. You just explore the section and search the option properly. You need to follow the same process for filters if you can’t find them in the interface of the camera.

2-Face Swap Live App

Another amazing app is facing swap live. An interesting fact about this app is, that it provides an option to switch faces in the photos of other friends or users in real-time. You can swap the face with any celebrity, or friends or take a funny photo or video from the internet browser and make your video funny and enjoyable at the moment.
Moreover, you have the option to switch faces directly in the feed of your camera video by using this app. Well, it has the best and most amazing filters which can impact your mood. In the past, this app was only available on IOS but now the best thing is you can see this app in Android as well. It is a free and joyable app.

3-Mix Booth App

Mix booth app is another best and most amazing swap apps for the best results. By using this app, you have the option to swap faces with any famous singer, movie star, or any famous personalities. It is very simple and easy to use. You just select the photo focus on the face and replace it. By doing this it changes with face.
Moreover, you have the option to choose or select your photos either from Facebook or import them from your gallery. For best results, you just check your phone by following the steps and once you complete the process check the photo if you like then you have the option to save it on your phone also or share it on social platforms. This is free one.

4-Face App – Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App Overview

According to the research, Face App is a famous and best app, especially for AI photo editing. The useful point is this app is free of cost and you can take a selfie or photo in portrait modeling. You can make fun by using its amazing backgrounds, effects, AI filters, and other useful tools.
Meanwhile, the Face app doesn’t have certain features of a face swap option but don’t worry. You have the option to check whether you look young or age by changing your gender, your smile, and other factors. It has more than 60 filters and you can do anything. This app is free and some purchasing offers are also available.

5-Cup ace App

It is another amazing app. It provides an amazing fact of making funny pictures. For this, you need to just cut your face from the picture and paste it on the section of the other picture. Make sure you can do it properly. The magnifying glass feature helps you to perform this.
The faces you cut and paste on another image all are saved in the Apps gallery so you can use it any time. You can also use funny captions, any sticker or animation that is funny and you feel good after doing this. This app is also free and contains ads.

6-Face Swap – Photo Face Swap App

Here is another interesting, simple, and easy face-swap photo face swap app. In this app, you can see the results depending on the alignment of the pictures. It has the effects of a face bomb. While using this fact, it can put or place one face on all the other people’s pictures. You have options to choose the pictures from the gallery or take a new one.
After the follow-up of all the steps. In the end, you can save your photos in your gallery and if you want to share them on social media, you can do it easily. The app is free to use so you don’t need to worry about it or take any kind of tension just keep calm and enjoy this amazing app.

7-Face Swap Booth App

In Android, another interesting and amazing app is Facing Swap Booth which impacts your mood quickly due to its amazing facts. You have the option to add faces manually or the app detects the faces automatically. You can try and choose multiple faces and make fun of them. The interesting thing is many celebrities’ faces are also in the app so you can use it. Moreover, this app consists of advanced tools for editing, face masks that are funny, and many other useful options.
Well, the app is free for limited photos, faces, and some other options. If you would like to save unlimited photos and use different faces then it costs you round about $2.99 only. When you buy it then you will not see any ads and you can save unlimited pictures.

8-Reface App

Reface is also an interesting and funny app for swapping faces. You can swap the faces with celebrities or movie makers. Moreover, you also have the option to use any funny memes, in the shape of any video or gif and make your mood superb. By doing this you can able to share it on social media as well.
In the past, this app was known due to its name Doublicat and is considered an amazing app which particularly used for creating face swaps and options to share with your friends. You can see many gifs by using this you can create new ones also. This app is free to purchase also.

9-B612 App

B612 is one of the famous and amazing tools used for the enhancement of natural beauty and is not considered a program of face swap. Well, it consists of many amazing factors and features like a face swap filter as well. If you want to use the function of face switch then you just need to visit the menu option and then click on the symbol of happy face.
Here are the following points you need to understand properly. You must understand, that the filter of face swap you can only use in the facts of real-time and you are unable to perform it on the old photos. You can adopt this amazing filter and this filter has options to work on two individuals in the frame at a time.
You can also use this filter especially if you notice your friend is furry. When you are on the filter of face swap, then the process of photos or videos performs or runs automatically. Lastly, this app is free and easy to use and also offers an in-app purchasing option.

10-Banuba App

Banuba app is also considered an outstanding app that appears on the Google Play Store. You can choose from there. This app does not focus on swapping faces but it explores and gives you access to different filters and masks that are funny and round about thousand that have the option to alter your face.
Moreover, by using this app you have the option to capture the videos directly and you can submit them on the app and then you can take the live selfies you will feel good by doing this. Another important thing is you also can send the pictures to your address without the need for any service from a third party. This app is available in both IOS and Android so you can download it from anywhere. This app is free and has options of offer in-purchase.


The above information consists of amazing knowledge about the best face swap apps for Android in 2024. I hope you will love and feel superb by reading the useful and amazing tips about the face swap apps. Please provide your true and amazing opinions if you try any app which is described above and it will be good for us to share more valuable topics according to your desires and demand. Don’t forget to share your personal opinions. Follow up the above ideas and make your life more memorable.


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