Identifying Balenciaga Reps Shoes Vs. Original Shoes

Identifying Balenciaga Reps Shoes Vs. Original Shoes

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Fake products of the company will be available in the market when the demand rises for that particular product because of its excellent quality and comfort. Balenciaga shoes, also the other name for luxury and comfort, are one of the most highly demanded shoes in the market and are the most loved among customers. The high demand for this item has increased the number of fake products in the market. It is essential to identify between fake and the original product. Though these reps look very similar to the original one, these products will not be comfortable for you and cannot serve your purpose, whether it is for games or for casual purposes. Here is the article about Identifying Balenciaga Reps Shoes Vs. Original Shoes.

Identify the Original

With the advancement in technology, Balenciaga reps shoes are released into the market with extreme detailing, making them difficult to distinguish from the original products. However, these fake products cannot replicate the factor of comfort. 


The material used for making the original shoes is of exceptionally high quality, which cannot be matched by these fake product manufacturers. The stitching used in the shoes is extremely precise, which adds additional aesthetics to the shoes. The fabrics and leather used in the original product are very high in durability, giving the shoes a longer lifetime. Identifying Balenciaga Reps Shoes Vs. Original Shoes.

Quality of Logo and printing Style

The logo of the company printed on the shoes will be crystal clear, without any break in the print. The name of the brand will be correct with no spelling mistakes, and the font will be the standard component font in the official Balenciaga style.

High-Quality Packaging

The packaging of the shoes will be extremely high quality, with a proper and hard box to ensure that there is no damage to the product while transporting the shoes. Dust bag of good quality comes as a part of the product packaging along with tissue papers. The packaging is also embossed with the original logo in high-quality print.

Additional Methods for Identification

The serial number of the product can be used to show whether it is original or fake Balenciaga shoes. The product serial number will printed inside the shoes or on the packaging. Though fake shoes will have a random product code printed inside, they will not get validated while checking on the official website.


The Characteristics of Fake Shoes

Though these fake products may seem highly convincing, there are multiple indications that say the product is fake.

Discrepancy in Prize

Authentic shoes do not compromise on quality and, hence, on pricing. Fake products may be available at a meager price as the materials used for making counterfeit products are below standard.

Difference in Packaging

Fake products will come with substandard packaging, and the shoes may be damaged during transportation. Add-on products such as dust bags and tissue papers will not be available with standard packaging.

Unpleasant Odor

The original shoes will have a pleasant odor or smell of the original leather, which will be appealing, whereas fake products will have an unpleasant odor.

Using the original product will give you all the benefits offered by the company, whereas replicas sold by platforms like Hypekicks will not have all the safety standards and may result in pain in the legs on usage.  As consumers, you should be aware and should be able to make informed decisions. 


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